Upcoming Talks

T-Coils and Bluetooth: The Dynamic Duo
Hearing Loss Association of America
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Our Previous Talks

Hearing Loops Help Clients Hear in Public Places Where Hearing Aids Alone Are Unable to Deliver
American Academy of Audiology
Hearing Loops: What Hearing Healthcare Providers Need to Know
Western Canadian Symposium
Hearing Loops: An Overview for SLPs and AUDs
Utah Speech Language Hearing Association
Looping & The Dispenser: Expanding the Benefits of Hearing Instruments
Presentation at the Annual Hearing Healthcare Alliance of Indiana
Hearing Loops: The WOW Factor - Hearing Beyond 8 Feet
Audiology Online via Widex, USA (recorded webinar)

What we Do

We are a leading installer of hearing loop systems in the Northeast United States.  We are committed to helping public and private facilities meet the needs of their patrons and guests who live with hearing loss.  Additionally, we continue to educate and advocate for hearing access.  We believe hearing loops reduce barriers to hearing access in a dignified manner.

Our Other Presentations

June, 2104: The Hearing Loss Association of America, National Convention Guest Speaker.

May, 2014: Hearing Health Care Alliance of New York, Guest Speaker.

February, 2104: New York City Architects & Engineers, Guest Speaker.

December, 2103: HLAA-NYC Chapter, Guest Speaker.